Climate Control for Enclosures

    Simplify Climate Control Decisions

    New Climate Control Reference Guide helps you find the right solution for your application. Don’t sweat it. With so many options out there, we understand choosing the right climate product for your enclosure can be stressful. Rittal wants to make it easy for you.

    Climate Solutions Handbook

    Blue e+ enclosure air conditioners

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    Blue e+ enclosure air conditioners can save up to an unheard-of 75% in enclosure cooling costs and energy

    Features unique nano-coated condenser technology

    The Blue e+ is a completely new generation of cooling units that represents a quantum leap in terms of cost-effectiveness and energy conservation due to its speed-regulated components and patented heat pipe technology. As well as providing far higher energy efficiency than existing cooling solutions, the units also offer a range of powerful new features that provide longer component life, flexibility and ease of use.

    The e+ principle:

    • Efficiency – 75% energy saved due to speed-regulated components and heat pipe technology
    • Versatility – Suitable for international use due to unique multi-voltage capability
    • Longevity – Longer service life of the components inside the enclosure and the cooling unit due to component-friendly cooling
    • User-friendliness – Intuitive operation due to touch display and intelligent interfaces
    Cooling Units
    Liquid Cooling
    Enclosure Heaters
    Climate Control Accessories
    • Thermoelectric Enclosure Cooler

      Thermoelectric Cooler

      Total cooling output/heating output 100 W

      Wall-Mounted Enclosure Cooling Units

      Wall-Mounted Cooling Units

      Total Cooling Output: 0.30–4.0 kW

      Roof-mounted enclosure cooling unit

      Roof-Mounted Cooling Units

      Total Cooling Output: 0.50–4.0 kW

      Modular Enclosure Climate Control Concept

      Modular Climate Control Concept

      Total Cooling Output: 0.50–4.0 kW

    • Wall-mounted Air or Water Heat Exchangers for Enclosures

      Air/Water Heat Exchangers, Wall-Mounted

      Designed to mount easily on walls or virtually any other vertical surface; Output Categories 375–7,000 W.

      Roof-mount Air or Water Heat Exchangers for Enclosures

      Air/Water Heat Exchangers Roof-mounted

      Designed for roof installation in tough environments; Output Categories 1,875–4,000 W.

      TopTherm Chillers for Enclosures

      TopTherm Chillers

      Roof-mounted, stand-alone and wall-mounted designs offer efficient cooling and more; cooling outputs from 1–40 kW.

    • Enclosure Heaters without fan

      Enclosure Heaters without fan

      Maximum heating outputs ranging from 10–150 W., featuring quick-connection terminals to simplify installation.

      Enclosure Heaters with fan

      Enclosure Heaters with fan

      Precise temperature control for enclosures – minimizing the chances of condensation; minimum continuous thermal outputs of 235–800 W.

    • Filter Systems for Enclosure Climate Control

      Filter Systems

      Filter mats and more for fans, cooling units and air/heat exchangers.



      Air duct systems and extensions, adapters, stoppers, deflectors and diverters for climate control needs.

      Water Distribution for Enclosure Climate Control

      Water Distribution

      Electric condensate evaporators, bottles and hoses, fittings, flow regulator valves and cooling medium for climate control.

      Enclosure Climate Control Regulation

      Control Regulation

      Internal temperature displays and thermostats, hygrostats, speed controls, interface boards, master/slave adaptors and cables, mounting adapters and more for climate control.

      Mounting Accessories

      Mounting Accessories

      Roof plates, vent caps, quick-change frames and guide frames for enclosure climate control.

      Project planning monitoring

      Project Planning Monitoring

      RiDiag II for the diagnosis, maintenance and long-term data capture of TopTherm units with e-Comfort controller.

    *Terms and conditions subject to change; available at participating dealers.