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Climate Control at the EDGE: Thermal Solutions for EDGE Deployments

This seminar will focus on climate control solutions for Edge deployments.  These installations will be moving out of the traditional data center/IT space; now migrating to remote locations in harsh environments from the factory floor to offshore oil platforms to underground in re-purposed mines. As IT applications and hardware continue to evolve, where these products […]

Demystifying the Edge and Implementation Strategies for Success

Edge computing is revolutionizing the speed of business and bringing the Internet of Things into reality by enabling real-time, mission-critical analysis to improve efficiency and the bottom line. But how do you even get started? No need to be intimidated- Rittal has your back.

The Ultimate Guide to Cooling Your Edge Computing System

The buzz around Edge networking is growing exponentially. By bringing processing capabilities closer to the data-intensive operations and devices, latency is reduced and analysis can be made in real-time. But there are cooling considerations specific to edge computing that you must make before designing your system.

How Power Density is Changing Network Infrastructure

From Edge networks to Hyperscale facilities, evolving needs for infrastructure like enclosures and cooling technology are challenging data center managers. The ability to scale equipment or re-allocate an existing footprint require an in-depth understanding of new and existing technologies. Herb Villa of Rittal discusses capabilities built into equipment enclosures that make them adaptable to changing […]

Considerations for Building Better IT Modular Enclosure Systems

Selecting the ideal enclosure for a data center IT network can positively impact the entire service life of the network and its infrastructure. Conversely, putting the wrong type of enclosure in place will adversely affect the network for the long term. To ensure the proper enclosure type is specified, data center administrators should ask and […]

ASHRAE’s new energy standard for data centers 

By Bill Kosik, PE, CEM, LEED AP, BEMP; exp, Chicago ASHRAE Standard 90.4 is a flexible, performance-based energy standard that goes beyond current ASHRAE 90.1 methodology. Learning objectives: Explain ASHRAE Standard 90.1. Understand the fundamentals of ASHRAE Standard 90.4. Explore how ASHRAE 90.4 will impact data center mechanical/electrical system design. The data center industry is […]

10 aspects to consider for data center clients

By Mark A. Kosin, Southland Industries There are 10 common aspects to consider in the analysis of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Of all the data center markets throughout North America, Northern Virginia (NoVa) has consistently been the most active due in large part to its history. In the early 1990s, the region played a […]