Closed Coupled Cooling

Protect Your Equipment with Rittal Thermal Management

Closed couple cooling is part of Rittal’s highly designed cooling philosophy. It is the most effective cooling system available for IT equipment, suitable for a wide range of cooling capacities and uncontrolled environments. Cooling is matched to the changing heat loads of the IT equipment for precise protection and optimal temperature at all times. Achieve high energy efficiency while accurately controlling the environment for IT equipment.

As data technology evolves, so do the power loads of the infrastructure systems. Rittal’s proprietary solutions like in-row cooling allow scaling to match growth of equipment loads. Energy-efficient design lowers operating costs, while your IT components work at capacity with no downtime. When your vital data depends on precise climate control, depend on Rittal. It’s easy to understand why choosing the right cooling system is so critical from the beginning. There is no room for error, and the cost of downtime could be significant.

Blue e+ – A Quantum Leap in Energy Efficiency

As an integral component of modular data center design, Blue e+ advanced, precision cooling protects delicate IT equipment. Hybrid innovations in the Blue e+ uses speed-regulated components and patented heat pipe technology. Two parallel cooling units adjust with temperature variation, achieving both passive and active climatization. Cooling output is exactly what is needed at the time, all with lower energy consumption.