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Climate Control at the EDGE: Thermal Solutions for EDGE Deployments

This seminar will focus on climate control solutions for Edge deployments.  These installations will be moving out of the traditional data center/IT space; now migrating to remote locations in harsh environments from the factory floor to offshore oil platforms to underground in re-purposed mines. As IT applications and hardware continue to evolve, where these products […]

Demystifying the Edge and Implementation Strategies for Success

Edge computing is revolutionizing the speed of business and bringing the Internet of Things into reality by enabling real-time, mission-critical analysis to improve efficiency and the bottom line. But how do you even get started? No need to be intimidated- Rittal has your back.

Effective and Energy Efficient Enclosure Climate Control Solutions

Sensitive electronic components and drives are the backbone of many industrial applications. Depending on ambient conditions, this equipment is often installed in enclosures to protect it from harsh environments. It is imperative that these enclosures be cooled to avoid heat-related downtime. But how do you choose the right cooling solution?

Enclosure Specification Best Practices for Lower Costs and Greater Utility

Not all enclosures are created equal. Rittal understands that it can be overwhelming to sift through the information to make the right purchasing recommendations and decisions. That’s why we created this webinar to guide you through the key considerations when specifying a new industrial enclosure. Learn from this 1-hour Rittal webinar: The differences between modular […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cooling Your Edge Computing System

The buzz around Edge networking is growing exponentially. By bringing processing capabilities closer to the data-intensive operations and devices, latency is reduced and analysis can be made in real-time. But there are cooling considerations specific to edge computing that you must make before designing your system.

How Power Density is Changing Network Infrastructure

From Edge networks to Hyperscale facilities, evolving needs for infrastructure like enclosures and cooling technology are challenging data center managers. The ability to scale equipment or re-allocate an existing footprint require an in-depth understanding of new and existing technologies. Herb Villa of Rittal discusses capabilities built into equipment enclosures that make them adaptable to changing […]

Industrial Internet of Things Webcast Series 2016, Part Three: Security for IIoT

Developments in the world of industrial control — including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), cloud-based services, as well as Industrie 4.0 and other developments in the world of automation — have also focused attention on cybersecurity. The rollout speed of this technology may depend on users’ confidence in its security (i.e. if the benefits […]

Industrial Internet of Things Webcast Series 2016, Part Two: Information Management for IIoT

Modern manufacturing plants collect enormous amounts of information each day. The difficult part has been managing that information flow, and more importantly, making better use of that information flow to affect change within the plant. The promise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the ability to use modern data management and storage tools […]

Industrial Internet of Things Webcast Series 2016, Part One: Effective Change Management

This webcast will present a glimpse of the IIoT disruption by exploring leading applications. These use cases highlight disruptive changes common across industries. It will review the role of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the rapidly-growing alliance of over 200 companies that form ground zero of the IIoT ecosystem. Finally, it will overview the IIC […]

Reliability in a World of Volatile Oil Prices

Hear oil and gas industry experts discuss “reliability in a world of volatile oil prices,” at the grand opening of the Rittal Oil & Gas Competency Center in Houston. These well-versed industry engineers with years of management experience will discuss what’s impacting current petroleum prices, best-practices in a constrained market, IT-based automation for improved productivity, […]

Solving the Enclosure Riddle: Modular vs. Unibody Construction

You have many considerations when selecting the right enclosure for your facility: what equipment the enclosure will store, where it will reside, material options, cable management concerns and numerous internal design requirements. It’s crucial to choose correctly between a modular or unibody construction for your equipment in order to avoid mounting challenges, reduced flexibility and […]

Considerations for Building Better IT Modular Enclosure Systems

Selecting the ideal enclosure for a data center IT network can positively impact the entire service life of the network and its infrastructure. Conversely, putting the wrong type of enclosure in place will adversely affect the network for the long term. To ensure the proper enclosure type is specified, data center administrators should ask and […]