SE 8 Enclosures

    SE 8 Industrial Enclosures

    SE 8 Enclosures Deliver Greater Durability and Customization Than Unibody Enclosures

    As industrial facilities replace or upgrade control systems, many plant engineers are moving beyond the challenges of unibody enclosure designs. With unibody enclosures, the skins are welded together to support the load of the system. As a result, system integrators, OEMs and facilities are limited in the configurations and modifications to meet end-use needs. Because the lifecycle of a typical industrial enclosure is filled with planned and unplanned modifications and repairs, using a unibody enclosure can increase costs and downtime.

    By comparison, the Rittal SE 8 enclosure brings together the benefits of modular design and accessories with a price point that competes with unibody enclosures. Because the strength and interior mounting are handled by the roll-formed frame section of the enclosure, the SE 8 delivers improved durability and 30 percent more internal space than comparable unibody designs. In addition, the SE 8 is available in 16-gauge carbon or stainless steel, and features the standard, reversible TS 8 door to accommodate modifications over the lifecycle of the enclosure.

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    Move Beyond the Limits of Unibody Enclosures

    For larger control systems, the SE 8 is available in a double-door design starting at 39”. To ensure components remain protected, the single-door carbon-steel model is UL Type 12 and 3R with a Type 4 version available. The double-door design is currently rated at Type 12. The single-door stainless-steel model is UL Type 12, 3R with a Type 4X version available.

    Unlike unibody enclosures, the SE 8 features a variety of interchangeable accessories, including:

    • Cable entry options
    • Plinth, cable base and flex-block
    • Locking system
    • Comfort handle, inserts
    • TS 8 interior system accessories
    • Swing frames, chassis, rails and partial panels
    • Lighting and grounding systems

    SE 8 Industrial Enclosure for PC EquipmentSE 8 PC Enclosure Protects Vital Components

    Rittal has simplified the protection for PC components in industrial environments. PC enclosures based on SE 8 act as a workstation and protect the interior components. The PC enclosure system easily accommodates entire computer configurations – from monitor to printer.

    UL Type 3R Certificate for Specs:

    5830500    5840500    5845500
    5831500    5841500    5846500
    5832500    5842500    5834500
    5833500    5843500    5844500

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    UL Type 3R Certificate for Specs:


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    UL Type 3R Certificate for Specs:

    5850500    5854500
    5851500    5855500
    5852500    5853500

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    UL Type 3R Certificate for Specs:


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