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Climate Control at the EDGE: Thermal Solutions for EDGE Deployments

This seminar will focus on climate control solutions for Edge deployments.  These installations will be moving out of the traditional data center/IT space; now migrating to remote locations in harsh environments from the factory floor to offshore oil platforms to underground in re-purposed mines. As IT applications and hardware continue to evolve, where these products […]

Enclosure Specification Best Practices for Lower Costs and Greater Utility

Not all enclosures are created equal. Rittal understands that it can be overwhelming to sift through the information to make the right purchasing recommendations and decisions. That’s why we created this webinar to guide you through the key considerations when specifying a new industrial enclosure. Learn from this 1-hour Rittal webinar: The differences between modular […]

Solving the Enclosure Riddle: Modular vs. Unibody Construction

You have many considerations when selecting the right enclosure for your facility: what equipment the enclosure will store, where it will reside, material options, cable management concerns and numerous internal design requirements. It’s crucial to choose correctly between a modular or unibody construction for your equipment in order to avoid mounting challenges, reduced flexibility and […]

Case Study: South Coast Controls Is Driven by Its Customer’s Needs

Attention to the details of their clients’ needs has elevated South Coast Controls (SCC) to the elite among control panel engineering corporations. For 30 years, this family company has manufactured and delivered expertly designed systems that meet the needs of its clients, who consistently return with new projects. Soon after it was incorporated, SCC became […]